Distributed Rewards and Revenue Sharing (DSSR)

This smart contract creates a layer of incentivization across all modules of a platform. It creates a long-term passive revenue stream for all active contributors, beyond the limited scope of individual smart contracts.
An example from the Decentralized Education (DeEd) sector: If a student completes their training and gets a job via the platform’s job board, it is a result of many factors. They include lessons by world-class tutors, help from community members, interactions and community forums, etc. The algorithm takes a small percentage of the fee charged to recruiters and distributes it algorithmically among everybody that was actively involved in the learning process of the recruit. Hence, it rewards them for their contribution to the learning that resulted in the job. This system makes the experts lifelong "knowledge partners'' of their former students.
For example, for a $1,000 job where the deploying platform takes a 10% commission, the platform can configure half of the commission to go to the people that helped the student get that job. It may only be a few cents per student, but it can easily add up to a substantial income for an active teacher or trainer with thousands of students or trainees.
This algorithm takes into account the relevance of the course or training to the job won, community-driven voted value for the said course and the expert, the expert’s relevance and activity on the platform (if they are active or inactive for years), recency of the course or contribution and other qualitative and quantitative parameters.​​​