Go-To-Market Strategy

Forward Protocol uses a B2B model to acquire new users. The objective is to onboard various applications, organizations, partners, websites, and so on to adopt Forward Protocol. Forward Protocol is not going to attract users one by one in a B2C model.
The approach for market penetration is two fold:
  1. 1.
    Top-down (Tier 1 educational universities and institutions, as well as government educational bodies)
  2. 2.
    Bottom-up (Tier 2 platforms, smaller coaches and authors, marketplaces etc.)
We plan to start onboarding Tier 2 partners and small to mid-sized EdTech apps. We will then scale to Tier 1 as we grow. We are already in talks with a few governments and institutions.
After we have consolidated our platform, our potential target market will be platforms with learners and experts that wish to earn rewards for sharing information.
As stated in our mission, we aim to reach a billion learners and experts.

Bottom Up

Our go-to-market strategy involves integrating with EdTech applications and platforms who have an existing user base. We provide the technology for EdTech entities to reduce the barrier to entry into the blockchain space.
The first platform building on Forward Protocol is English Forward. is a 19 years old Q&A platform, and the largest English Learning community on the internet, with 310+ million unique visitors served.


We will approach universities and grant organizations that support rigorous, intellectually ambitious and technically sound research that is relevant to the most pressing questions and compelling opportunities in education.
Larger education entities are funding research projects and giving grants to explore and define applications for blockchain in the education space. The opportunity to fund development for specific faculties on top of an open sourced DeEd platform and contribute to global educational reform can fast track this research.

Connectivity to other Educational Platforms

While Forward Protocol is fully decentralized, the platforms integrating it can utilize a flexible semi-centralized model to make it more usable for non-crypto platforms (as adoption is the first priority). This approach is similar to how centralized exchanges increase the adoption of new users.
Forward Protocol is designed and will be developed to support broad-scale integration to any knowledge-based website and platform, including:
  • Online education websites
  • Course marketplaces - Udemy/Khan Academy/Schools/Universities
  • Freelancing marketplaces - Upwork/Advisory/Clarity
  • Knowledge sharing and Q&A forums (such as Quora)
  • Informational websites, blogs and professional knowledge-sharing community sites
  • Websites and platforms of mentors
  • Trainers, advisors and marketplaces (such as Upwork and Fiverr)
  • Job recruiters, companies, and websites (such as
  • Tutor recruitment websites (such as Preply and iTalki)
  • Content management systems of universities and colleges
  • Assignment systems of schools and higher education institutes
  • Individuals who create courses (teachers, coaches, authors)
  • Informational training programs like Antony Robbins, etc

Fiat On/Off Ramp

Fiat On/Off Ramp will be provided with the applications developed to ensure easier adoption, especially with users that are unfamiliar with blockchain. The ramp will help them transact as they normally do with their credit cards. to purchase, which will then get converted to USDT/BUSD/USDC and then to $FUSD at a 1:1 ratio for internal liquidity and cross-chain transactions. They will also be converted from $FUSD and $FORWARD to their local currency when they want to withdraw into their card/bank account.
The integration of fiat ramps into Forward Protocol’s applications will also provide payment gateways to multiple debit and credit card issuers and facilitate worldwide adoption of the Forward Protocol framework in the value-driven economy.

Gasless Transactions

By enabling Web 3.0 adoption, Forward Protocol becomes the connection for companies and organizations who aren't familiar with navigating the complexities of blockchain. These organizations will be able to use the deployed applications with the same ease and familiarity as other applications they use daily.
Instead of making users of the deploying platforms pay fees at every step, traditional applications absorb these as ‘infrastructure costs.’
Forward Protocol will provide a gasless transaction experience to enhance the ease of blockchain adoption.
You wouldn’t use most applications you use today as much if you had to pay gas at every turn!

Sector Development and Route To Market

Forward Protocol’s first Deployment is in Decentralized Education (DeEd)
First Platform Deployments
English Forward - PoV, PoVD, DRRS
Unified Council - PoO